Build Your own  Repair Center
we will market .we will teach
we will give you repair man​
we will supply your parts

Repair Shop​​​​​ 
​iphone or computer repair ​​

​ Japan is big with a lot of customer
​ Build your Business or learn how to repair

1. Investing to have it in your location.
​we will market we will teach
 ​your worker
​ we will even give you worker.
​we will supply you parts​. ​​


2. Every time you need repair you can pay ​service and parts.
​    i will show you how it is done and you learn. 

    also make some money if you offer to other.

3. You can take the course of 40 hours
      10 hour lecture by Skype or at any place near you
      10 hour actual work 
      10 hour testing and review
        5 hour business management
        5 hour extra​​​​​​​